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THE OLYMPIGS - A Tuscan BBQ'd Pig Feast and Wine

THE OLYMPIGS - well that's what our good friend and wine maker Cipriano from Macea in Tuscany calls it.  To most of us, its a roast pig feast, on the bbq.  And its happening here, on the terrace at Rawduck on 5th August.  They'll be roast pig, plenty of it, and chilled wine - even more plentiful and hopefully sunshine.

Macea is the propriety were winemakers Cipriano and Antonio were born, since 2004 they've been using the biodynamic methods to managment the vineyard. The wines are produced with all natural winemaking methods.  Wine maker extraordinaire, as well as one of the most energetic and generous hosts we have come across, we're in for a treat, join us on 5th August from 3.30m pm for Roast pig and wine.  

Bookings and walk-ins.  Please email to book a seat on the terrace, first come, first serve.