197 richmond road hackney e8 3nj
+44 (0) 20 8986 6534


Rawduck is a restaurant in Hackney open everyday for breakfast, lunch & dinner and brunch at weekends.

Our menu at Rawduck takes a healthful approach to eating. We not only cook with the seasons but many of our dishes feature ingredients that are essential to a healthier mind and body. Our cooking is always with heart, and our all-day and dinner menu is designed to nourish and satisfy.

Like at our sister restaurant Ducksoup in Soho our menu is constantly evolving. It is a celebration of flavours and ingredients that we're in the mood to eat - always cooked simply, and sometimes spanning the globe from Europe to Asia.

We work with producers in both food and wine who are passionate about what they do and whose product reflects the true character of where and how they are grown.

Ferments, pickles and drinking vinegars are an important part of our menu, and we make all our own pickles, ferments, jams and drinks in-house. Both our daytime and evening menu begin with either a selection of drinking vinegars or ferments which help set you up for the day ahead. We also smoke our own salmon, trout and bacon.

We apply the same careful sourcing to our wine list and work with a small number of suppliers who source interesting natural and biodynamic wines from producers whose wine making practices are carried out with love and care, and whose wines taste of the terroir that they were grown in. We change our wines regularly because we always want to bring you something new and interesting to enjoy, along with our food.

Rawduck is designed by Seng Watson whose use of concrete and natural materials compliment our approach which is to create space to breathe and food to nourish.




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