Rawduck is a restaurant in London Fields - we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and brunch on the weekend.

Our menu draws inspiration from many parts of the world, but the focus is always on simple seasonal cooking. Like at our soho restaurant Ducksoup, our menu changes regularly - and is a celebration of seasonality, flavours and ingredients that we're in the mood to eat - always cooked simply. 

We serve a healthful breakfast from 10 until noon with home-made drinks and fermentations.  Lunch is from noon until 5pm, and our dinner starts at 6pm.  You can join us for a drink and snacks at the bar every evening.  Brunch is served on the weekends from 10-5pm and brings together our favourite flavours from our travels.

 We take a healthful approach to eating and our cooking will both nourish and satisfy. Fermentation and preserving are an important part of what we do - our fermented drinks and foods are all made in-house and feature on our menu daily. 

The same detail is applied to our wine list and we work with a small number of suppliers who source interesting natural and biodynamic wines from producers whose wine making practices are carried out with love and care.  We make all our own drinks in-house, from cocktails and sodas to the kombuchas and seasonal drinking vinegars. 

We work with producers in both food and wine who are passionate about what they do and whose product reflects the true character of where and how they are grown

We change our wines and cocktails regularly because we always want to bring you something new and interesting to enjoy, along with our food.   We cook at outside events bringing what we do to you, and the restaurant is available for private hire.


For reservations email direct on info@rawduckhackney.co.uk or click the button below. 

If you like what we do and would be interested in us cooking for you outside of the restaurant for a private party then email us at info@rawduckhackney.co.uk

We are available for exclusive hire, parties and weddings.  Please email us on the above email for enquiries. 

197 Richmond Road
London, E8 3NJ
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 20 8986 6534 


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Opening hours

Mon: : 18.00 - 22.00
Tues: 10am - 22.00
Wed - Sat: 10am - 22.30
Sun: 10.00 - 21.30

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This small hand-crafted range of ceramics Earth. Milk. & Tree. was born out of our love for all things made with time and patience.  Like everything we do in our restaurants ducksoup and rawduck - these ceramics have been individually crafted by hand. 

Vessel & Time is an extension of the vessels we use in the restaurants, designed by ourselves and made by our friendly potter in Dorset.  The collection features jugs, cups, small bowls, cute bowls, dipping bowls and salad bowls, pouring bowls, vases and utensil pots and most recently fermenting crocks for the domestic kitchen.  All made in varying clays and glazes, and each producing their own unique character.   

Each item is different but it's the individual character of the pieces that please us every time.  We hope you'll enjoy their personalities too.  

For further information and prices please email us direct or visit www.vesselsandtime.co.uk to see more of the range.  

Our ceramics can currently be purchased over the phone or at our restaurants rawduck and ducksoup.