Drinking Vinegar Classes

Many of you have asked how we make our drinking vinegars so we've decided to host a little class.  Drinking vinegar is an old age tradition, centuries ago unpasteurised vinegar was drunk to keep the doctor at bay.  It helps your body absorb the nutrients in food and aids digestion.  And 'apparently' various celebrities attribute their youthful glow to drinking vinegar.  But please don't reach for the Sarsons  - join us instead to find out more.

If you're interested in learning more about drinking vinegar - the perfect morning pick-me-up then join us on Tuesday 3rd March where we'll demonstrate how to make a small seasonal selection.

Tickets cost £15 and you'll get to try various drinking vinegars as well as learn how to make them.   

7-8.30pm on Tuesday 3rd March.  Please email us on info@rawduckhackney.co.uk to find out more or book your place

Just remember - they're good for you.  

To reserve a place email info@rawduckhackney.co.uk

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